There Are Several Types Of Paper Cutters Available For Your Home Or Office

Paper Cutters For Home And Office
If you’re just now starting out looking for a new paper cutter or trimmer for your office, home crafts, or photo printing tasks you’ll find that there are several different types, qualities, and functions that they are able to do. The best place to look at them in person is going to be the local office supply store, even though they won’t have the best price. You’ll also find that there are commercial grade cutters and then home office units. If you’re going to be using this machine fairly often, stay away from the cheap home units, they just don’t last like the commercial ones do.

Some Paper Cutters Can Handle Thick Stacks Of Paper

Depending on what you plan to use it for this could be a major consideration for you. Some paper trimmers and cutters are able to cut through large stacks of papers. If you find yourself printing up thousands of flyers, posters, mailings, or other papers in bulk, you want to pay special attention to this one feature over others. It will also have to have blocks and holders in place in order to keep the stacks of paper from moving or sliding as they’re cut through. Many cheap paper cutter machines won’t be able to handle this task at all, try them out beforehand or you might be disappointed when you get it home.

Many people opt for what is called the Guillotine cutter since this type can be used to cut through large stacks of papers or thick card stocks. If you run a print shop where you have to cut lots of bundles, this is the only way to go, it will save many hours of work since it can cut through huge stacks in a single operation. They’ll be all perfectly cut too, very accurate and safely done. However, this type of cutter isn’t as accurate for doing small cuts of photos or single cards, it’s made more for the bulk job.

The Rotary Trimmers Are A Wise Choice For Some Uses Too

Rotary Trimmers

Some of these even have small LED cut-line lights that can help make highly accurate cuts. The light shows exactly where the cut will take place on the paper so that you can adjust it beforehand. They don’t cut very many sheets of paper at the same time, some will only handle up to 7, but their accuracy is unmatched when doing precise work. The cuts are always very clean with undamaged edges too so you don’t have any waste of your valuable preprinted items. Rotary trimmers are great machines, make sure you get one with a guard over the cutting wheel to protect fingers. Also, there are attachments to make perforated cuts for some machines that may be a necessity in your business so you should ask about that feature before purchasing.

If you’re in the market for a new paper trimmer or cutter there are a lot to choose from. You can read plenty of online reviews then head down to the store to check them out. Once you find what you’re looking for, most of the best prices are available online and you can usually get delivery to your door in about a day or so.